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Treatment For Mesothelioma
By Chris Jack
Mesothelioma is a kind of permanent cancer disease. Mesothelioma cancer occurs when tissues of our lungs or abdominal components get affected. In more cases asbestos exposure was identified as the reason for mesothelioma disease. Symptoms of mesothelioma may not appear immediately after it�s exposure, it takes time between twenty to thirty years. This enables the disease identification process a critical one.

Treatments for mesothelioma depends on the stage of the cancer, the specific part being affected, the total amount of space being affected, how long one have the problem, the look of the cancer cells under microscope and the age factor of the patient. These are the factors that are being considered before choosing the treatment option.

Treatments for mesothelioma include Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy.

Surgery: There are two types of surgeries available one is aggressive surgery and another one is called palliative procedures.

Aggressive surgery is done through a procedure named extra pleural pneumonectomy, by which the pleura, the lung, the diaphragm and the pericardium

are removed. The aggressive surgery�s motive is to remove as much mesothelioma tumor as possible.

Palliative procedures will be done when the mesothelioma disease is at the matured stage. The motive of this procedure is to give relief to the patient from the symptoms.

Chemotherapy: In chemotherapy drugs are being used to treat mesothelioma cancer. The drugs may be in the form of pills or injections. To improve the results of chemotherapy some drugs may be used as mix in some proportion and this has given a good improvement in the treatment results.

Radiation therapy: Radiation therapy uses radiations to kill mesothelioma tumor. This procedure is complex to undergo as the tumors are surrounded by sensitive parts of our body. There are possibilities that the heart and lungs being damaged by the radiation. Lower dose radiation is one solution to slightly overcome from this critical issue.

Though mesothelioma is a permanent cancer disease and the survival rate is very low, timely identification and perfect treatment at the right time could able to help us survive some long time
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A cancer of cells similar to those forming the lining of the lungs, heart, the abdominal cavity and its organs.

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