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Are You Suffering From Fibromyalgia Upper Back Pain?
By Jane Thompson
Have you been suffering from chronic upper back pain for at least the last three months? Have you been unable to treat your pain with the usual over the counter pain medication? Is your upper back pain starting to greatly affect your life? If you've gone for a check up and they couldn't find anything wrong with you, go back for a second opinion and have yourself checked for Fibromyalgia upper back pain.

The upper back is one of the common areas that a person with Fibromyalgia can experience chronic pain. Since the cause and cure for Fibromyalgia remain uncertain, a person suffering from this syndrome may benefit from a combination of mainstream and alternative treatment to tackle different possible sources of the pain.

The uncertainty around the cause of Fibromyalgia back pain can be very frustrating and sometimes, at the height of the pain and a really bad day, it can all seem get a bit overwhelming, however, it is important to remain positive. While this can prove to be quite a challenge, it is not impossible.

Know that research and studies continue so that medical practitioners can understand the syndrome better. Eventually a prevention method and proper treatment will be found. In fact trials are currently underway for a specific treatment aimed at fibromyalgia pain and hopefully a FDA approved medication will be available next year. In the meantime, there are methods available that can help to reduce pain.

If your particular problem is centered on your upper back pain, you will need to take stock of the activities in a typical day that may add to the stress placed on your upper back. For instance if your work day consists of sitting in front of the computer all day in a non ergonomic chair then discuss your problem with your boss and find ways together on how to improve your work situation to be able to accommodate your upper back pain.

Outside of the office, it would be beneficial to engage in regular exercise. Exercise

is an excellent way to target upper back pain as it helps to strengthen the muscles surrounding the spine and releases endorphins that act as natural pain reducers.

One can also combine mild physical exercises with physical therapy for even better results. You can join a group or get a personal physical therapist to help alleviate your back pain. They will normally give you specific exercises aimed at strengthening your back muscles. Try, if you can, to find someone with experience in dealing with chronic pain; your doctor maybe able to give you a referral.

Aside from mild exercise and physical therapy, you can also help alleviate
back pain with the help of therapeutic massages. Some fibromyalgia sufferers find massage too painful, however, if you can manage it the deep tissue manipulation can help relax the area of pain as well as help relax the rest of the body to promote an over all better feeling.

Of course, while targeting your back pain it pays to think about your condition as a whole. So, putting a healthy and balanced diet in place is advised, along with drinking plenty of water and avoiding alcohol, tobacco and other stimulants like caffeine and sugar.

Fibromyalgia upper back pain can become all consuming and chronic pain of any kind can become extremely tiring and wearing. Speak to you doctor about what medications might help, make necessary a lifestyle changes that accommodates your situation and introducing some specific back exercises may bring some much need relief.

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