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Are You Suffering From Fibromyalgia Numbness?
By Jane Thompson
Fibromyalgia is a confusing condition with many symptoms. While no one knows the cause or indeed has a cure for this syndrome, it affects a large proportion of people, mostly women between the age of 20 to 50. If you happen to be one of these people and have learned to begin to cope with Fibromyalgia only to begin experiencing Fibromyalgia numbness it can be another frustration on top of an already debilitating condition.

Fibromyalgia numbness effects roughly a quarter of all sufferers and can curtail physical activities from personal hygiene to the accomplishment of daily work and other routines. The numbness can occur anywhere throughout the body, but the most common areas are the arms and hands and the legs and feet, occasionally the face. In medical jargon this numbness is called parestheia.

The numbness is often accompanied by tingling or burning sensations, or can feel similar to pins and needles. It can move from area to area and differ in severity and length of time. There isnít really a clear explanation as to why this numbness happens with fibromyalgia sufferers, neither is there any treatment that can be prescribed, unless there is pain involved with numbness, then some neuropathic pain medication may be appropriate.

Often when the numbness strikes people can undergo many tests as numbness is also a sign of other ailments like diabetes, carpal tunnel syndrome, hypoglycemia or multiple sclerosis. Only to have them return negative.

However, if numbness is a new condition that you are experiencing it is important to mention it to your doctor just to be sure that it isnít being caused by something other than

your fibromyalgia.

While Fibromyalgia has no known cure, individuals who suffer from this syndrome have been known to go into remission. The key to coping with Fibromyalgia is to maximize the remission time and to be able to minimize the impacts of the bad times.

A treatment program that involves both medical and alternative methods as well as lifestyle changes appears to offer the best outcome for sufferers.

A study was done on a group of 84 fibromyalgia patients were one half were given medications and the other half did mild exercise, swimming, adopted relaxation techniques and made small changes in their diet.

The group following the lifestyle change regime reported feeling less fatigued, having less depression and anxiety and with the added boost of having more energy. The group that only took the medical treatments reported no change in the way they felt at the end of the trial.

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Although lifestyle changes wonít target the fibromyalgia numbness specifically, they can help to reduce symptoms in general and improve the overall quality of life.

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